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Please contact Attorney Kerner for representation in matters relating to:

1.     Criminal Defense
2.     Civil and Criminal Forfeiture
3.     Personal Injury
4.     Insurance Disputes
5.     White Collar Crimes

Attorney Kerner is licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Attorney Kerner has represented clients throughout New England and in
New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, California, Texas and Colorado.

Attorney Kerner has successfully represented clients in trial and appellate matters in local, state and federal courts.

Attorney Kerner has persuaded judges to suppress evidence and confessions and obtained dismissals and not guilty trial verdicts in narcotics, firearms, assault and battery, rape, drunk driving, arson, theft and fraud prosecutions.

Attorney Kerner has obtained the return of homes, motor vehicles, firearms, jewelry and cash seized by law enforcement for forfeiture.

Attorney Kerner has represented employees and corporate officers who have received subpoenas to testify in grand jury proceedings.

Attorney Kerner has obtained settlements in employment disputes, contract disputes, stolen car disputes with insurance companies, for personal injuries and for civil rights violations.